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  1. Job Description As a Graphic Designer, you will be responsible for developing both digital and offline content - for mobile apps, websites, promotional banners, motion video, online newsletters and even presentations - spanning different businesses and industries. You will be doing creative development for retail, fashion, food and beverage businesses. Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Develop offline and online visual communication content. 2. Brainstorm new, innovative, and creative ideas and concepts. 3. Translate ideas and concepts into appropriate key visuals. 4. Create all marketing design collaterals (POSM, POP, digital banner, email blast, motion video, etc.) 5. Work alongside internal teams and cross-department for various projects/campaigns. Minimum Qualifications and Experience: 1. Highly creative and imaginative 2. Creative professional with technical skills for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects & Motion Graphics. 3. High attention to details and design aesthetics. 4. Able to work with a wide range of medias. 5. Able to translate a design brief into a visual outcome. 6. Able to keep up with the fast-moving industry, prior experience in eCommerce and social media management will be a plus. 7. Good in teamwork and managing workload.
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